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How Manhattan's Area Code was Influenced by the Rotary Dial - Core77

While calls are being forwarded, you can still make outgoing calls. How to use it: To forward calls from a rotary dial telephone, dial 72 and wait approximately 5 seconds for dial tone. Dial the number that will be accepting your calls and you will hear normal ringing.

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Call Forwarding is in effect when the third party answers. As noted by Jonat, answering machines with cassettes, loops, or reel to reel tapes were quite common in the 70s, as a result of the Carterfone decision allowing interconnection to the public switched system in the US. I've never encountered those "press 1 to leave a message"-type answering machines, only ones where it says: "[person you wanted to call] is not available at this moment. Please leave a message after the beep. Maybe it's a US thing.

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Why does this revision say he has an incredulous look on his face, when he doesn't have a face? Anyone care to comment on why the alttext starts the quote with a single quote UK-style, "'" and ends with a double US-style, '"'? Was that a thing in the 17th century?

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Hppavilion1 talk , 9 September UTC. The image file seems to be missing here.

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Can someone look into it? Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. Jump to: navigation , search. Transcript [ edit ] Cueball: Nice jacket. Hey— Cueball: The Seventies called.

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Out-of-panel: Oh? Flash Flood September 8, I'm from Canmore, a very picturesque, small town in Alberta nestled right in the Rocky Mountains.

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The Bow River and other streams coming from the mountains cut through the town in several spots, and many houses were built right on the edge of the creeks. In June , Canmore experienced one of the worst floods in it's short history. Mudslides from the mountains actually caused the Trans-Canada highway to close, cutting the residents off from neighbouring towns and cities, and the some the homes built on the edge of the creek were actually washed away.

I watched as my friends posted pictures on social media of roads crumbling from the rising creek. No one was hurt and a lot of Canmorites stepped up to rebuild their community. From the last time I visited, I can tell there's still a fair bit of work to do, but they're definitely well on their way. Not even two weeks later, Toronto experienced a similar plight. When we first formed last year, we were fortunate to get on a really fantastic bill at The Drake Underground on Queen Street for our debut show.

The Rotary Dial June 2013 The Rotary Dial June 2013
The Rotary Dial June 2013 The Rotary Dial June 2013
The Rotary Dial June 2013 The Rotary Dial June 2013
The Rotary Dial June 2013 The Rotary Dial June 2013
The Rotary Dial June 2013 The Rotary Dial June 2013
The Rotary Dial June 2013 The Rotary Dial June 2013
The Rotary Dial June 2013 The Rotary Dial June 2013

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