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Few people really think that stackoverflow will give them quicker and easy solution. Of course it does. But those have to understand that those who answer are indeed trying to create a repository of good answers here rather than sitting idle and waiting on someone else to do their job. You started commenting, so he understands that you can help him. Every other reader of the question thinks the same. So discussion in comments can be treated as as your readyness to help and other people can start skipping this question as there is already someone who wants to answer.

Explicit question about timing and explicit answer "no" resets skipping of the question by other users, so it is useful and has nothing bad. You don't need special politeness or long descriptions, it's just a piece of information, helping other people to deside if they care to unswer the question or they should wait for your answer first. I could just easily answer yes or no but that doesn't stop him from doing it again.

I don't think people skip questions when I just ask for clarification, or am I wrong? If I treat some comments as preparation for the answer and I understand that answering or understanding of the question requires some amount of time, it's very possible that I wouldn't be doing it at least for some period of time. Maybe I'll add question to favourites to see the answer latter, or just leave the browser tab open, or even close it.

But if I don't see something especially interesting in this question, I won't start answering it immediately even if I would've start in case of no comments.

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So clarifiing comments are reducing likelihood of other users response and explicit question about time with answer "no" just resets this effect. Politely tell them to go away. The purpose of this site is not to answer a particular person's question. It is to create a repository of good questions with good answers. That means questions that are useful to someone other than the original asker, perhaps years later. So their urgency should be irrelevant.

And punish them too, for their arrogant sense of entitlement. Not just do they want experts to do work for them for free, they have the nerve to tell people to get cracking and answer quickly. Punish them with a downvote for failing to research what this site is for. Stackoverflow is an exchange place. Giving and taking. It is neither an answering machine nor a place for getting full comprehensive solutions for free.

Home Questions Tags Users. Can you give me the answer within a period of time?

Answer Within: A Clinical Framework of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

Ask Question. Asked 3 years, 9 months ago. Active 3 years, 9 months ago. Viewed 2k times. A1rPun A1rPun As you can see, I gave it a try. I think the message clearly explains without being insulting If I spot such terms and conditions in a newly posted question, I remove them straight away and without comment or explanation. Most of us do; there are at the time of writing only 35 questions begging us to plz respond asap. It could be coincidence that most of them are downvoted.

I usually point them to meta. Jongware I feel this one is different because he didn't write it in his question but asked it in a comment after he knew his question got attention. It's a good answer nonetheless. I believe the point of the question is to tell the user things in a gentle way.

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Just linking to a meta post, while technically correct, might not be enough to teach a new user how our site works. Barth - Reinstate Monica Feb 12 '16 at Rounded up to nearest 4 hours, first day up front. I don't care whether they are new users or no. It is selfish and insulting to ask SO contributors to provide estimates for free. Naturally, SO contributors wih anything remotely like a similar attitude will get suspended immediate. If anyone asks me for an estimate to answer I usually either ignore it or don't answe at all on purpose. Barth - Reinstate Monica S.

Barth - Reinstate Monica 7, 13 13 gold badges silver badges bronze badges.

OK, is there a shortcut that inserts that because, unless the required action is shorter than typing a four-letter reply, I won't be doing it. I would downvote, closevote and otherwise ignore. The idea of actually spending the time to type in 90 words in reply to such a question is abhorrent. MartinJames You'd have to create a GreaseMonkey script, or other tool. Either that, or copy-paste the thing. MartinJames: AutoReviewComments will do that once you add the comment to its list. CodeCaster's now-deleted comment prompted a flag containing a question that I'd frankly have loved to see in a full-blown meta discussion.

I think this is a bit too polite, honestly. The message is that Stack Overflow is an impersonal place not just for you , but the message is phrased in the personal terms of you and I'm sorry. I suppose it's better than being rude, though.

Before the Murder - "The Answer Within" Official Music Video - A BlankTV World Premiere!

I agree with JeffreyBosboom. It's too polite and looks like a politician's answer to a voter's letter. What if the answer is being overly polite on purpose, either as a way of being sarcastic or in an attempt to scare the user off? LoL BoltClock! No, it's not overly polite on purpose. Keep in mind that the request to answer in time was made in comments, after there had already been interaction. That said, I'd be interested to see answers that are polite, not overly polite, and still drive the point home.

Barth - Reinstate Monica Feb 14 '16 at BoltClock what was the question in the flag? CodeCaster: It was about imposing Western culture on an international site. BoltClock that would be an interesting discussion, but not one I'd like to be the instigator of. CodeCaster: Understandable.

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I'm considering starting a thread myself sometime. It's something I've thought about before.

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BoltClock that sounds like a interesting discussion to have. A crucial advantage of the platform economy is its unparalleled connectivity. A web of global customers, commercial partnerships and collaborations with other technology firms — from start-ups to multinationals — allows organizations to rapidly disseminate their ideas, policies and solutions, and call on a broad base of expertise, knowledge and resources.

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The Answer Within The Answer Within
The Answer Within The Answer Within
The Answer Within The Answer Within
The Answer Within The Answer Within
The Answer Within The Answer Within
The Answer Within The Answer Within
The Answer Within The Answer Within
The Answer Within The Answer Within

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