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The Tutorial Barn. Twisty Sewers. An in-game teaser for Porkchop's Horror Show. Add a photo to this gallery. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Description Summary Being stuck in your workplace after hours has never been so much fun! It's not like there's anything better you can do with your time anyway Features A short platforming adventure for fans of retro games. A hub world with side quests, a shop, and multiple characters to talk to.

Brain-teasing optional puzzles to find and solve. Unlockable minigames. Music by Nathan Hanover. Featuring all your favorite characters from the world of Joe's Wonder Farm. Story The player plays in November as a writer for a horror-themed game show "Porkchop's Horror Show" named Ethan. Endings Neglect ending The player will achieve this ending if they neither finished "Wonder World: A New Adventure" nor used 3 batteries in the machine in the VFX room, and reach Happy ending Note: the player does not need to beat the full game in only one run.

The bird believed that if his song could reach the animals on the other side of the field, maybe they could become his friends. So he chirped and chirped day in and day out, the little bird was determined to have his singing be enjoyed by everyone. But no one ever came to visit. He wondered if he was doing something wrong, He could still see them off in the distance, standing with their backs against him, talking to each other, smiling together. Could they not hear his song? The bird kept singing. As the days dragged on, his plumage turned gray.

His brittle beak began to crack after each verse.

The Adventures of Pork Chop & Pipinski (written by Pipinski) - The Bonfire -

His vision became a fog of white as his eyes lost focus. But he kept singing. The efforts paid off, as after countless days, a single animal's footsteps could be heard on the roof, approaching the bird. Though he couldn't see who it was, he happily welcomed the stranger to sit alongside him and listen to his song.

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But instead, the stranger pounced on top of him, and started digging into his neck. It was a cat. The last moments of the little bird's life were filled with silence, as his coarse, bleeding throat refused to produce any other sound. The bird stopped singing, and everyone was happy The first battery can be found in the dressing room.

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Using the key they can find in the supply closet, the player can access Marcus's closet and obtain a battery. The second battery can be found in the radio in the break room. The player must use a hammer they can find in a trash can near the emergency exit, and smash the radio with it to get another battery. The third battery can be obtained by unlocking the safe in the breaker room.

Typing in will open the safe. A smiling mask can be found along with the battery. The fourth battery can be found by knocking a set number of times on Porkchop's door. The player must knock 3 times on Porkchop's door until a reply, then, 1 time until another reply. After that, they have to knock 5 times until an answer. Finally, the player needs to knock 2 times, and Porkchop will show up and give them a battery. The fifth battery can be found in the box in the supply closet.

Putting the code "up - down - down - up" will unlock the box. Her buddy was happy, and thus, she was happy. But as time passed, the kid's expression began to turn sour. The fairy that kept watch of him worried that their dream had taken a turn for the worse. Confused, she whispered more pleasantries to ease his disturbance. But as each word left her mouth, the child grew more and more agitated.

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As she continued to raise her voice, the words dug into his head. Each one turning sharper. Sweat ran down the child's face, his body trembled, his eyes leaking tears that flowing through his chubby cheeks. She stepped back in horror and watched as her buddy cried and wailed for reasons she did not understand. Was it a fever?

A nightmare? Did she do something wrong? The fairy could not bear to see him in such state, so she rose to the air once more, and began to flap her wings rapidly.

A gust of wind formed below the fairy, strong enough to collect the magic sparkles that she left behind as she flew. The sparkles piled on top of each other and began to dry up.

The Adventures Of Pork Chop

And with a sleight of hand, she cast a spell over them, turning the sparkles into a oat of smooth silky white powder. With another quick movement of her wings, she let the coat fall over the child's face, drying up his tears and covering his frown. The powder was bound to his skin, and the trembling ceased. Though the pain had gone away, the boy's smile did not return in its place. As night turned to dawn, and dawn to day, he laid still on his bed. As the white powder glistened from the rays of sunshine coming from the window. The boy had stopped dreaming Steven Ending The Steven Ending can be accessed when the player beats all of the minigames.

PORKCHOP TRAPPED ME IN HIS BASEMENT...(Breakdown) - FNAF Porkchop's Horror Show

Although it is said that there is nothing in the well, if the player keeps checking it plenty of times, the text will go slower and slower, and will eventually give the player their first smile. Then, they must jump into the hole and the player will be able to find the second smile. Then, the player must go towards the other direction until they see a hole above the screen.

They must go up and move their character every few seconds to try to stay in the center. If done correctly, the player will get a smile. True Ending There's currently no way of getting true ending throughout the game. After some seconds in this secret screen, the game will crash. The code was originally from the basement level in The Joy of Creation: Story Mode , where the player needed to type in the code to open a door.

A player found this out when Nikson asked to them if they tried putting in this code. If the player waits in the main menu screen of the game for more than 19 minutes, a short music called "Hanover's Jingle" will be played, as shown in this video. Development Development for Porkchop Adventure started back in January of Team Phisnom : Director, programmer, coder, designer and modeler. Nathan Hanover : Composer. Trivia A lot of people had already realized that the game was not just an adventure game when it was announced for the following reasons: The description of the game mentioned "ignore the noises outside your room".

Phisnom had been working in Blender constantly for weeks. Arc Words : "What's wrong buddy? It appears both at the beginning and right before the happy ending , it's also mentioned by Steven a lot. Ascended Extra : Porkchop used to be just one of the mascots from Joe's Wonder Farm, but he ended up becoming the main character of his own horror show after the restaurant shut down.

The Adventures of Pork Chop The Adventures of Pork Chop
The Adventures of Pork Chop The Adventures of Pork Chop
The Adventures of Pork Chop The Adventures of Pork Chop
The Adventures of Pork Chop The Adventures of Pork Chop
The Adventures of Pork Chop The Adventures of Pork Chop
The Adventures of Pork Chop The Adventures of Pork Chop
The Adventures of Pork Chop The Adventures of Pork Chop
The Adventures of Pork Chop The Adventures of Pork Chop
The Adventures of Pork Chop

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