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Dossi was a politician. Before I"ve read them, I never write my name into the books I buy, because only after that I can call them mine. In many endeavors to gain glory, not the goal is important, but the struggle. Madmen open the paths which are later traversed by the wise.

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    Racconti fantastici e umoristici - Iginio Ugo Tarchetti

    Igino Ugo Tarchetti. Finzi, G. Racconti fantastici a cura di N.

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    • The Scapigliatura movement?
    • Bonifazi Published by Guanda The main Italian inspiration of the Scapigliati was the writer and journalist Giuseppe Rovani — , author of the novel Cento Anni and the influential aesthetic theories of his essays Le Tre Arti , an anti-conformist and charismatic figure on the fringes of the literary world of Milan, the city where the movement first developed through literary 'cenacles' which met in taverns and cafes.

      It attracted attention and scandalized the more conservative and Catholic circles of Italy with many pamphlets, journals and magazines like Arrighi's Cronaca Grigia , Antonio Ghislanzoni 's Rivista Minima , Cesare Tronconi's Lo Scapigliato and Felice Cavallotti and Achille Bizzoni's Gazzettino Rosa , which challenged the status quo artistically, socially and politically. A wing of the movement became politically active, and known as Scapigliatura Democratica was central to the development of both the Socialist and Anarchist movements, with leaders such as the poet Felice Cavallotti who entered the Italian parliament on the extreme left, and whose libertarian ideals attracted much popular support for his political group, known as the Radicali.

      The brotherhood of the scapigliati attempted to rejuvenate Italian culture through foreign influences, notably from German Romanticism Heine , Jean Paul and E. The major figures of the movement were the poet and painter Emilio Praga — and the poet and musician Arrigo Boito — The latter is memorable for the fact that he wrote both the libretto and the music an instance which had no precedent in Italian opera for his opera Mefistofele , which introduced elements of Wagner's music into Italian opera.


      Composer and orchestra director Franco Faccio was another important figure for the movement. The three of them volunteered with guerrilla leader Giuseppe Garibaldi 's redshirts to fight the Austrian Empire for the annexation of Venice to the newly formed Kingdom of Italy in Franco Faccio was also responsible for two of the three Scapigliatura operas: I profughi fiamminghi with a libretto by Emilio Praga and Amleto , set to a text by Boito.

      L'ALFIERE NERO - Antimo Ceparano

      In later years, Boito wrote revisions to the libretto of Verdi's opera Simon Boccanegra and the original librettos for Otello and Falstaff. Boito is widely considered by most scholars as the best librettist with whom Verdi collaborated. The movement did not have formal manifestos, but developed organically, through its members sharing common aesthetic and political ideals.

      In their early days they were known as "Avveniristi", from a line of a Boito's poem which spoke of "L'arte dell'avvenire" The art of the future.

      Racconti fantastici e umoristici - Iginio Ugo Tarchetti

      The term Scapigliatura came in vogue later. Praga and Boito launched the Scapigliatura in earnest when they edited the paper Figaro in A year later saw the publishing of the first works by poet and novelist Iginio Ugo Tarchetti — who today is the best-known author of the Scapigliatura. They rebelled against late Romantic maudlin poets like Aleardo Aleardi and Giovanni Prati , Italian Catholic tradition and clericalism, and the Italian government's betrayal of the revolutionary roots of the Risorgimento period.

      Praga scandalized Italy with his second poetry collection Penombre , reminiscent of Baudelaire 's Les Fleurs du Mal , and Tarchetti with his novel Una Nobile Follia in which he opposed the militarist culture of Italy under the reigning Savoy royal family and in which he propounded his anarchism derived from French philosopher Pierre-Joseph Proudhon.

      In the barracks of the Italian Army officers had bonfires with Tarchetti's books to give "the example" to many young soldiers who identified with Tarchetti's protests Tarchetti had originally volunteered for the army, but changed his mind and was later discharged because of insubordination and also because of his failing health—after being sent to fight " Brigandage " in the south, which he saw as a cruel colonialist war of Piedmont against the recently annexed south of Italy.

      In the late s he detached himself from the movement, moved on to more conservative positions and was even made Senator of The Kingdom of Italy in , while Faccio suffered a nervous breakdown and ended in the same mental institution where his father was an inmate bizarrely enough they both died on the same day in The manifestos of these young and rebellious writers were the works themselves: poems like Praga's Preludio Prelude , which opened Penombre striking against Catholicism, and the many mediocre followers of the main Italian novelist of the time, Alessandro Manzoni , author of the classic historical novel I Promessi Sposi The Betrothed.

      Another such manifesto was Arrigo Boito's poem Dualismo Dualism , which challenged common values and sense of decency by espousing a decadent take on art, inspired mainly by Baudelaire and Poe.

      Racconti scapigliati (Italian Edition) Racconti scapigliati (Italian Edition)
      Racconti scapigliati (Italian Edition) Racconti scapigliati (Italian Edition)
      Racconti scapigliati (Italian Edition) Racconti scapigliati (Italian Edition)
      Racconti scapigliati (Italian Edition) Racconti scapigliati (Italian Edition)
      Racconti scapigliati (Italian Edition) Racconti scapigliati (Italian Edition)

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