Higgs Phonics Volume 2

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These books give children a real sense of achievement and the motivating activities develop good learning patterns. There are helpful hints, guides for parents, and the layout is clear for children to use on their own. Answers are included. Vocabulary is an important part of learning - a wide vocabulary is needed for children to express themselves both verbally and in writing.

Encourage the development of a wider vocabulary with these wordsearches which are particularly useful for helping with creative writing skills. The puzzles are themed - for example, town, birds, people, root words and compound words. The topics could usefully be used to encourage a piece of creative writing on the topic, to extend the value of the book. Wipe Clean books are excellent for this age group, giving children the opportunity to try again if they don't get it right first time - or simply to return to to revise previously learnt skills. There are plenty of practice opportunities to help children to learn how to tell the time - they will learn about on the hour times, half past times, quarter to and quarter past times as well as about days of the week, months and seasons.

Perfect for the tests, this workbook is packed with questions just like the ones that will be found in the SATS test. As well, there are lots of useful tips for revising and tackling questions. I like the way the book is arranged in manageable sections, so children can tackle a two page section on a specific topic without feeling overwhelmed. The sections are clearly arranged, set out in reading, writing, punctuation, grammar and spelling, followed by practice questions. This makes it easy to find specific topics.

The book is colourful, with plenty of illustrations to appeal to children. The marks to allocate are very clear and answers are included. Perfect practice and reinforcement. Well set out, the sections are easy to navigate and the explanations are clear and concise. Perfect for use through Years 1 and 2, and ideal for revision. There are plenty of activities to try with some interesting ideas that children will enjoy, for example, writing a film script. There are lots of suggestions for activities that children can use in daily life, helping the principles to come naturally and reinforcing learning in a practical way.

A useful extra feature, and one which means the book appeals to children with a range of learning styles, comes with the free audio. A colourful and attractive book that is fun to use, with a variety of useful features. Written in line with new testing requirements, the practice questions give children realistic test preparation.

The questions are set out in SATS style and are arranged by topic area to give children targeted and focused practice to prepare for the SATs Reading test. Comprehensive coverage ensures all the content and skills that children could be tested on are included. In line with the curriculum requirements, the book includes a variety of reading texts non-fiction, fiction and poetry.

Use the progress tests to check understanding - answers and mark scheme are included. This book contains four sets of tests with realistic SATs-style questions so children can tackle the SATS test with familiarity and confidence - and check the answers so they can see how they are getting on, and where extra practice might be needed. Included are two sets of English reading papers and two sets of grammar, punctuation and spelling test papers. For grown ups, there is everything needed to set and mark the tests, so you can support children in the best way possible. Answers and mark schemes are included.

Children learn in different ways and Letts recognise that in their products.

Whether your child learns best by seeing, hearing or doing or a mix of all three , this science revision guide will cater for their learning needs. In line with the National Curriculum, this book contains simple and concise explanations of every topic covered in KS1 science, as well as quick tests and practice questions to check understanding. A clear contents page makes it easy to find the required material, and the useful index goes into more depth.

I like the way these revision guides really encourage children to think and apply their learning, especially through the 'Have a go' ideas which are really good and extend the way children think and learn. The book is excellently laid out with colourful images and diagrams throughout. There is a comprehensive set of practice questions. This revision guide is very clearly set out so parents and teachers can easily help children locate what they need. It is arranged in main sections of number and place value; calculations; fractions; geometry; statistics, followed by clear sub-sections.

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Each section has practice questions, and there is also a section of practice questions. The glossary is a useful feature, ensuring children use and understand the correct terminology and a clear index aids navigation. The presentation is bright and lively and all the key points are covered clearly and succinctly. Letts revision supports all learners using a variety of activity types so that every child can achieve the best results in their tests. As with all Letts books, this is matched to the requirements of the National Curriculum. There are plenty of questions on every topic, ensuring children have confidence in tackling all the types of question they will meet, set out as they will be in the SATS test.

Parent tips are found throughout the book, and these are practical and reassuring. Each topic is covered on a two page spread and the marks to be allocated are clearly shown. The layout of the pages is excellent with plenty of colour used to make the book enticing. The tips for parents are very useful and will give parents confidence in helping their children as well as offering ideas to extend learning. Children will take two SATS papers as part of the maths test, and Letts have provided two separate books to help the most effective revision using SATs-style questions.

Written in line with new testing requirements, the practice questions give children realistic test preparation; this enables them to tackle the test with confidence. All the content and skills that children could be tested on are included in the book and there are explanations to help with marking. Regular progress tests check understanding; it's important to take note of the results of these and ensure understanding before moving on - using alongside Collins KS1 SATs Revision and Practice is ideal for this. In the same format as the book above, this gives children all the practice they need for the arithmetic part of KS1 SATS.

Addition and subtraction is covered first with plenty of questions, followed by a progress test; then multiplication and division, again with a progress test; finally, fractions and a progress test. Usefully, the answer section can be pulled out. Each page has a box to complete the final mark, plus a 'How am I doing' face to complete. A clearly laid-out book which is easy to use. This book contains three sets of tests and each set includes Paper 1 arithmetic and Paper 2 reasoning. They have everything you need to take and mark the tests, making it really simple to prepare children for SATs and to reassure parents that they are giving their children the best possible help; useful advice at the beginning of the book helps parents prepare - and reassure - their children.

Clear guidance is also given on administering the aural tests and it's useful to familiarise children with these. This new series is ideal for quick revision and reinforcement. There are 15 questions in most of the quizzes which is just right for a short practice session.

Topics include addition facts, partitioning, using the inverse and word problems - the coverage is comprehensive. This is a really attractive series that makes good use of illustrations to ensure that children will find the quizzes enjoyable to do. Ideal to check your child's understanding of phonics, the colourful quizzes take just one page, meaning you can spend just a short time or combine quizzes if your child is enjoying them and being successful - always let your child be your guide so learning at this stage is enjoyable.

Topics include all that KS1 children will need, including x or cks, ck words, word endings, f or ph and silent letters. Another well laid out and attractive book that includes a series of short quizzes which covers the basic maths learnt in KS1, including addition, number bonds and estimating. Handy hints are included on every page to help guide children through the quizzes; this includes practical advice like using a number line, how to estimate and adding tens first, then ones.

An all-important topic and one where practice really does help. The book goes through the tables in the order they are taught - 2, 5 and then If I have one small niggle about the series, I would like to see a contents page so it's easy to locate a particular topic when revising, although I appreciate that children will generally just work through the book. Once children have mastered the basics of addition and subtraction, they will be ready to move on to multiplication and division, but please ensure those basics are firmly in place first - and a good grasp of early tables too.

This book starts with the basics - arrays, grouping and halving included. It then moves on to cover 2, 5 and 10 and concludes with some useful word problems. The progression is good, with each activity building on the preceding one. A few minutes in the car, waiting for an appointment, or any other opportunity, would be the perfect chance to tackle one of these quick quizzes to boost your child's English.

The basics are all covered, including tenses, questions, apostrophes, tenses, adjectives, plural nouns and much more. With a single colourful page devoted to each concept, this is ideal for reinforcement and to identify any areas where extra help is needed. Once again, we have a really attractive book that makes excellent use of pictures to make learning enticing. Halves, quarters and thirds are covered' presented in a variety of ways and using terminology which will match up with the methods children are taught at school.

The page layout is clear and the questions are easy for children to follow unaided - although at this age, parental input is really encouraging. The answers are, of course, included. All the books in this excellent series follow the same format, and the consistency of approach means topics are well covered in a familiar and reassuring way.

Handy hints help guide children through the quizzes, and are useful aids for adults.


Most children in KS1 will come home from school with spellings to learn each week, but spelling is an area where as much experience as possible is really beneficial; the more children experience quick spelling tests, the better they will retail their learning. This visual book takes a different approach to the majority of school spelling tests, anyway, giving a valuable extra way to learn.

Each page focuses on a very specific topic, eg er, ir and ur; syllables and homophones. As adults, we enjoy word searches, so encourage your child to enjoy these while you get some relaxation tackling your own word searches! Each word search is set against a colourful background and focuses on a specific topic eg talking about place, long vowels, story time and verbs. This variety makes the word searches great fun to do as well as offering the benefit of a different way to learn.

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Learning Spanish is made enjoyable and accessible with this workbook full of colourful illustrations and activities. It's an all-round approach to learning, as found in all the Easy Learning books, as children are encouraged to develop good learning habits for life with colourful and motivating activities. To add to the relevance, children learn more about Spanish language and culture through useful information and tips - this is a valuable aspect of the book.

Higgs Phonics Volume 2 Higgs Phonics Volume 2
Higgs Phonics Volume 2 Higgs Phonics Volume 2
Higgs Phonics Volume 2 Higgs Phonics Volume 2
Higgs Phonics Volume 2 Higgs Phonics Volume 2
Higgs Phonics Volume 2 Higgs Phonics Volume 2
Higgs Phonics Volume 2 Higgs Phonics Volume 2
Higgs Phonics Volume 2 Higgs Phonics Volume 2
Higgs Phonics Volume 2 Higgs Phonics Volume 2
Higgs Phonics Volume 2 Higgs Phonics Volume 2

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