Giuseppe Verdi (Script) (Italian Edition)

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Un Ballo in Maschera. Published by G. Published by International Music Company. Available at Sheetmusicplus. Setting: A room in Renato's house, Boston, late 17th century. Synopsis: Renato threatens Amelia with death so that she will atone for the sins she has committed with Riccardo. She pleads with Renato to see her son one last time before he kills her. Verdi Arias for Soprano. Anthology of Italian Opera - Soprano. Saper vorreste - Canzone. Role: Oscar , a page. Setting: A vast and rich ballroom splendidly illuminated and prepared for the festivities, Boston, late 17th century.

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Synopsis: Renato questions Oscar about the King's disguise. Oscar refuses to tell, replying with a mixture of taunting and series comments. Translation into English by Rebecca Burstein added Larsen, Robert. Arias for Soprano. Prima Donna's Album. Volta la terrea - Ballata. Setting: A hall in the Governor's house, Boston, late 17th century.

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Synopsis: Riccardo has been given a paper to sign which will exile Ulrica because of witchcraft. Oscar speaks up in defense of the fortune teller Ulrica. Alla vita che t'arride - Cavatina. Role: Renato , Riccardo's secretary. Synopsis: Riccardo has been lightly dismissing the threats upon his life when Renato reminds him of his country's dependence upon him. Anthology of Italian Opera - Baritone.

The Famous Hebrew Slaves Chorus from Verdi's 'Nabucco' Translated

Eri tu che macchiavi quell'anima. Synopsis: Renato realizes that Amelia should not be the one to pay for cheating on him, but rather his treacherous best friend Riccardo. He decries his torment over his lost paradise. Di' tu se fedele - Canzone. Hark to my words There is only one god Worship me - me, God! May your insane pride be brought low … God will seize you by the hair of your head, already he is robbing you of your throne!

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Oh, loyal followers, let this old man be conducted to the foot of the idol. He shall perish with his people! Oh, wretched girl, prostrate yourself before my image! Prostrate yourself!

I am king no more, I am God! There is a crash of thunder and a thunderbolt bursts above Nabucco. Terrified, he feels the crown being lifted from his head by supernatural forces. Dawning madness manifests itself in his every feature. What horrid spectre is pursuing me?

Who seizes me, alack, by the hair?

Inside Casa Verdi, Italy's retirement home for musicians

Who is crushing me? Who lays me low? Oh my daughter!

Giuseppe Verdi - I Vespri Siciliani - Overture

Do you even not help to support me in my weakness? Alas, I am surrounded by phantoms… they having flaming swords of fire! Ah, upon my head! Why, oh why did a tear start from my eye? Who will support me? I am fainting The wild beasts of the desert shall dwell in Babylon, and the owls shall dwell therein. Abigail is seated upon the throne with soothsayers and nobles at her feet. Near a huge golden statue of Baal stands the High Priest surrounded by his followers. Babylonian men, women and soldiers.

Now among the joys of peace, worthy reward of valour, she wilt pass her smiling days in happiness and love. Now among the joys of peace, just reward of valour, she will pass her smiling days in happiness and love,. The wicked children of Judah must all be destroyed, and, first and foremost, that woman, whom I dare not call your sister … She has betrayed Baal. But who comes here? Nabucco, poorly clothed and with dishevelled beard, now makes his appearance.

The guards, with Abdallo at their head, make way respectfully before him. What presumptuous fellow is it that breaks my royal interdiction? Conduct the old man back to his apartments! Let me be! This is the council chamber Do you not see? They are awaiting me. Why do you support me? I am weak, it is true, but woe if anyone should know it!

I wish everyone to think me still strong.

Let go of me I will find my seat myself He advances towards the throne and prepares to mount it. Who is this woman? Oh, what effrontery! Of my throne? Ch, imposture!

Giuseppe Verdi (Script) (Italian Edition) Giuseppe Verdi (Script) (Italian Edition)
Giuseppe Verdi (Script) (Italian Edition) Giuseppe Verdi (Script) (Italian Edition)
Giuseppe Verdi (Script) (Italian Edition) Giuseppe Verdi (Script) (Italian Edition)
Giuseppe Verdi (Script) (Italian Edition) Giuseppe Verdi (Script) (Italian Edition)
Giuseppe Verdi (Script) (Italian Edition) Giuseppe Verdi (Script) (Italian Edition)
Giuseppe Verdi (Script) (Italian Edition) Giuseppe Verdi (Script) (Italian Edition)
Giuseppe Verdi (Script) (Italian Edition) Giuseppe Verdi (Script) (Italian Edition)
Giuseppe Verdi (Script) (Italian Edition) Giuseppe Verdi (Script) (Italian Edition)
Giuseppe Verdi (Script) (Italian Edition)

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