Flucht aus Buchenwald (German Edition)

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Add to Basket. Add to Wishlist. This first book-length study of fictional suicides in East German literature provides insight into the complex and dynamic rhetoric of the GDR and the literariness of its literature. Blankenship's exclusive focus on the literariness of GDR fiction and his dedication to appreciating this literature for its aesthetic value not only offer new insights into the texts he examines, but foster a better understanding of GDR literary history more generally.

Das Leben eines Häftlings KZ-Buchenwald Dokumentation

Blankenship is extremely knowledgeable, both on modern and older literature, as well as in the area of literary theory. His major aim to point to the literary qualities of GDR literature, or at least of selected works, is laudable as a counter to the tendency to dismiss every aspect of that now vanished country.

This study serves as a welcome complement to the understanding of fictional suicides as a realistic response to the dilemmas of everyday life under a Communist dictatorship. Hoyer Camden House. A Poet's Reich Camden House. A Study of the Major Novellas of E. Amazons and Apprentices Katherine R. Goodman Camden House. Anxious Journeys Camden House.

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Eisman Camden House. White, Ann White Camden House. White Camden House. Bibliographia Kleschiana Camden House. Gezen Camden House. Catastrophe and Catharsis Camden House. Commodities of Desire Camden House. Goebel Camden House. Kurth-Voigt Camden House. Crosscurrents Camden House. Deconstructing East Germany David W. Robinson Camden House. Detectives, Dystopias, and Poplit Camden House. Distant Readings Camden House.

Hoffmann and the Serapiontic Principle Hilda M. Brown Camden House. Early and Miscellaneous Letters of J. Arnason, David Roberts Camden House. Enlightened War Camden House. Kerry Camden House.

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Evelein Camden House. Potter Camden House. Schweitzer Camden House. Metamimesis Mattias Pirholt Camden House. Mimetic Desire Camden House. Music and German Literature Camden House. Hargraves Camden House. My Shadow in Dachau Camden House. Nature's Hidden Terror Robert H. Nietzsche and Antiquity Camden House. Nuremberg Stephen Brockmann Camden House. Orienting the Self Debra N. Prager Camden House. Doerksen Camden House.

Flucht aus Buchenwald (German Edition) Flucht aus Buchenwald (German Edition)
Flucht aus Buchenwald (German Edition) Flucht aus Buchenwald (German Edition)
Flucht aus Buchenwald (German Edition) Flucht aus Buchenwald (German Edition)
Flucht aus Buchenwald (German Edition) Flucht aus Buchenwald (German Edition)
Flucht aus Buchenwald (German Edition) Flucht aus Buchenwald (German Edition)
Flucht aus Buchenwald (German Edition) Flucht aus Buchenwald (German Edition)

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