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  5. Milwaukee Ave. WildClaw Theatre Company, bringing the world of horror to the stage for 10 years in Chicago, is proud to present this three-women-told tale of a secret surfacing from a place thought buried in the deep.

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    4. WildClaw, Chicago's only horror theater, continues their season with a disturbing new work by Chicago playwright Jennifer Rumberger. After staying away for 17 years, Violet returns home to a back-woods part of Florida to face the mother and sister she left behind, and the disturbing secrets they share and also some necromancy and an eyeless demon creature. Tickets are on sale now at www. The stone crab season is just around the corner, opening on October 15th, and the 4th Annual Naples Stone Crab Festival will be right on its heels.

      Enhanced Wavefront Refractions and Outcomes

      This collection of bone-chilling audio nightmares will be performed live at the historic Mayne Stage Theatre, W. Morse Ave, Chicago. Now the largest university-run film festival in the country, the annual tribute to excellence in film has screened over Oscar-nominated films and honored over 80 legendary actors, directors, producers, writers and filmmakers from around the world.

      We'll get you caught up. This year's collection of bone-chilling audio nightmares will be performed live at Lincoln Hall, N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago.

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      This is Zimmerman's sixth trip to Berkeley Rep, and for the first time she works her magic on the intimate Thrust Stage. The Arabian Nights runs from November 13 through January 4 with the official press night on November Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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      WildClaw, Chicago's premiere horror theater, begins its 10th year with a dinner party as a group of college friends reunite to reminisce about old times… only to find that time is no longer on their side. After a delightful dinner courtesy of Cousin Silas, I settled into my arm chair with my electronic copy of Morgue for Whores by the delightfully nefarious Roy Edroso.

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      My feet propped comfortably on a fuzzy lumpkin, a whiskey hugging its ice, and my evening quietly lay ahead of me. I have no idea how it could possibly be organized. In walks — calm and collected, if you like — an eyeless long-limbed Blue Foonsjab. Shedding whisps of blue fur, it galomphed straight from the garden to the kitchen.

      Eyeless In Luminary
      Eyeless In Luminary
      Eyeless In Luminary
      Eyeless In Luminary
      Eyeless In Luminary
      Eyeless In Luminary

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