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I do not want to hear about this petition's progress or other relevant petitions. The rise of artificial intelligence is changing almost every aspect of life, including both the future of work and the future of education.

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Technology is reaching such levels of sophistication that it is capable not only of manual tasks but cognitive ones too, putting a wide range of jobs are at risk. But others disagree, predicting that the human aspect of of teaching will actually be needed more than ever. He argues that routine tasks such as checking homework will be taken over by machines. But that the actual job of teaching will become a lot more engaged with kindness and empathy.

Educate This Educate This
Educate This Educate This
Educate This Educate This
Educate This Educate This
Educate This Educate This
Educate This Educate This
Educate This Educate This

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