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Try swapping out these 10 words for something more original! Sep 17 Sep 16 Sep 11 Sep 9 Sep 6 Sep 5 Sep 3 Aug 30 Aug 23 Remarketing Ads for Schools Aug 21 Remarketing ads provide schools an affordable solution to stay top-of-mind to website visitors. Aug 20 Aug 15 I will plant a special flower for Blake this year at SB.

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You will be missed. Thanks for the 2 dollars and gummy bears.

Blake Nordstrom saved my career Blake Nordstrom saved my life. I was the Corporate Merchandise Manager for Rack Shoes, and had been in that assignment for 17 years. It was mid Oct ; the Rack shoe team over time had posted consistently good results, however the year before and YTD shoes results was 3 out of 4 merchandising positions. I made it a priority to make it to this meeting before work and it was everything I had hoped for and more.

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He made such a large company Inspirational Blake Where to begin….. The fact that Blake has passed away still seems surreal to me even after attending the beautiful tribute and celebration of life for him last Saturday. My heartfelt sympathies continue for Molly, Alex and Andy and the entire Nordstrom family. I first Blake, you made such a positive impact on so many. You hired nice people and taught them skills. No wonder Nordstrom has a better track record for matching singles than any dating website out there.

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My first job at Nordstrom was part time right out of college Genuine I had the privilege to hear Blake speak on several occasions and he always had a way to capture the audience. Not because he was Blake Nordstrom but because he was so genuine, real, and had this way of making you feel like he was just talking to his friends. During Rec Meetings it was With over 27 years of service, more than half of my life has been spent at Nordstrom, immersed in Thoughtful and Kind I remember 2 years ago on Christmas Season, I saw Blake greeted the Salvation Army gentleman in front of the store and asked him if he was warm enough, and if he needed tea or anything at all.

To me it was heart warming to see that and it show what a kind and thoughtful Thank you for sharing the Nordstorm Family Blake and Family, Thank you for sharing your family, values and caring nature with us. I feel so blessed to work for a company where leadership inspires, strives to be kind and do what is right. Not only is this a special way to connect with consumers but also creates a special community to be It truly was a celebration of a life well lived, and gave us all the opportunity to move forward in our grief by focusing on all the goodness of his life.

Not just professionally but even more importantly, family, friends and causes To live rather than exist… I first met Blake over breakfast after a recognition meeting at He was in town for a few days and asked the store managers to select a few department managers from the region to join him for the most important meal of the day. I remember never feeling so nervous and trying to keep My Main Man Blake It took me a few nights of posting on the social media outlets after your passing, and now 10 days later expressing my feelings here. I am so lucky to I was reorganizing a free people table when he approached me and asked me how I was enjoying my experience at the store and where I graduated from school.

When I reflect back on that conversation, I admired Beautiful Soul For all the years i worked for Nordstrom, i remember every time Blake come to the store everybody would be so happy. He made you feel at home, like this is your business and we all family.

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Of course smiling and greeting you with firm hand shake. Rest in Peace Blake Kebogile Malunga. I met Blake in his many visits to our store, videos of encouragement to us , Are they going to take my testicles and make earrings out of them?

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  7. It is obvious that he worships the little girl. He spoke to her as if he were speaking from beyond the grave, giving her advice that she would receive sometime in her future. I'll always be there with you. Get quiet and Daddy will be there right next to you. In the courtroom, Blake, dressed in a gray suit and white shirt, sat listening to the testimony of men who claim that he offered them money to kill his wife. His piercing black eyes stared at his accusers. He looked little and thin and pale and angry, a black-and-white close-up on a color monitor.

    I could not stop watching him. He had started to get fan mail. One day, during a witness's dramatic testimony, he stole the scene by intently reading the message on the inside of a greeting card, ignoring the witness completely. I have a feeling that Robert Blake is going to create an awesome on-camera drama before this story is over.

    In New York these days, everyone is on edge. War is the main topic of conversation. There are rumors that when the case goes to trial the famous defense attorney Gerry Spence will be brought in to do the honors. Whoever ends up with the assignment, this courtroom case, planned and choreographed by the defendant himself, promises to be the most spellbinding television reality show since the trial of O.

    It wasn't until February 26, when I watched Barbara Walters's jailhouse interview with Blake on ABC, that I began to see this case as a theatrical production, and a great one at that. The accused has been an actor since he was in the Our Gang films as a child in the s. He once gave a truly inspired performance, in the film of Truman Capote's masterpiece, the spectacularly successful In Cold Blood.

    Capote, then at the peak of his powers, had mesmerized the American reading public by publishing the book in installments in The New Yorker, six months after Perry Smith and his partner, Richard Hickock, died by hanging for the brutal murders of an entire Kansas family named Clutter. Capote, enthralled by the horror of the thoughtless killings of an innocent family, gave up his glamorous New York life and moved to Kansas in order to play a role in his own book.

    He became intensely involved in the solving of the case with the Kansas authorities and had such access to the killers after they were caught that it has long been rumored that Capote kissed Perry Smith on the lips before he saw him executed for the crime. Being cast in the role of Smith by the acclaimed director Richard Brooks and endorsed by Capote, who watched over his best-seller like an obsessively protective parent, was the high point of Blake's career, and probably of his life. Later he starred in a successful television series called Baretta, but with In Cold Blood he had reached a height he never achieved again.

    Until now, perhaps. In the months of his incarceration, the year-old Blake turned into an old man.

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    His hair, once dyed jet black, is now white, and he has lost a noticeable amount of weight—I would guess 25 or 30 pounds. His face is deeply lined; "tragic" is the word that springs to mind to describe his look. For the Barbara Walters interview, he was in his orange prison uniform, seated in a room with bars behind him. This was prime-time television, and, old pro that he is, he didn't waste a second of it.

    I felt as if I were watching a movie, seeing an actor give a marvelous performance. Death seems to be very much on his mind. Walters asked him, "What will happen if you are found guilty? What are they going to do to me that they haven't done already? They took away my entire past. They took away my entire future. What's left for them to take?

    Blakes Silly Little Old Assignment Blakes Silly Little Old Assignment
    Blakes Silly Little Old Assignment Blakes Silly Little Old Assignment
    Blakes Silly Little Old Assignment Blakes Silly Little Old Assignment
    Blakes Silly Little Old Assignment Blakes Silly Little Old Assignment
    Blakes Silly Little Old Assignment Blakes Silly Little Old Assignment
    Blakes Silly Little Old Assignment Blakes Silly Little Old Assignment
    Blakes Silly Little Old Assignment Blakes Silly Little Old Assignment
    Blakes Silly Little Old Assignment Blakes Silly Little Old Assignment
    Blakes Silly Little Old Assignment Blakes Silly Little Old Assignment

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