A Rising Damp: (Thirteen Covens) (Fourteen Tales of Thirteen Covens Book 1)

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The demon attempts but fails to kill Alex and then Ben is killed by Katie while leaving Alex a message on her computer. Alex is rushed by a demonic Katie but escapes out of the window only to be faced by hundreds of women and is finally caught by Katie. It is assumed the whole Nelson family has perished. Jesse Arista has graduated high school. He lives with his grandmother Irma, sister Evette and his father Cesar.

He plans to celebrate the summer with his friends Hector and Marisol and document it with his new camera. He notes that directly below his apartment lives Ana who has paper taped over her windows and is rumored to be some kind of witch.

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One night they witness Oscar escaping from their apartment complex and soon the police arrive. Ana has been killed and they suspect that Oscar might have had something to do with it. Once everything has died down Jesse decides they should investigate the crime scene so he and Hector break in. They find a notebook near what must have been near where the murder took place, they also find boxes of VHS tapes which again include the tapes of Katie and Kristie from The next day Jesse wakes up having had weird dreams and he has been marked: there is a large bite on his arm.

Upon reading the book they find it is full of drawings, pages torn from old books, and a newspaper clipping about the disappearance of Katie and Hunter. One page details the making of a special door which can become a gateway to other places in time, but only to unholy places. Soon Jesse starts to the center of some unusual events. It is as if something is watching over and preventing any harm from being done to him. Oscar looks sickly and his eyes are black, he tells Jesse they have both been marked and shows that they both have the same bite mark on their arms.

Oscar tells Jesse he has to kill himself before he hurts someone before running out of the building.

Dark Souls 2 -"You want to see, yes?"- (Episode 14)

Jesse pursues him and witnesses Oscar plunge from the church across the street and land on a parked car. Jesse reveals that his mother died giving birth to him and questions his father as to whether Ana could have had anything to do with it. Meanwhile Jesse is starting to look more gaunt and sickly. The three friends go to see Arturo to ask him more about his brother Oscar. Arturo says that Oscar ranted and raved to him about witches building some sort of demonic army and that there were many who had been marked like him.

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  • Hector grabs a note about Ali Rey in Carlsbad with her phone number. The next day Jesse is acting very aloof and wants nothing to do with his friends. Desperate, they call Ali Rey who comes to meet them. After a failed attempt to cleanse Jesse by his superstitious grandmother Irma she is found at the bottom of the apartment building stairs in a pool of blood, Jesse looking on passively.

    After an encounter with a violent Jesse, Hector and Marisol see him being kidnapped. He locks himself in a room but as Jesse comes crashing through the door Hector sees another door. It looks old and is surrounded by strange symbols. Hector then witnesses Katie murdering Micah before Jesse catches him. Ryan Fleege, along with his wife Emily and 8 year old daughter Leila are decorating their new house for Christmas.

    While decorating the house the brothers find an old box that contains VHS tapes from and and an odd-looking old video camera. Around the same time as the discovery of the camera little Leila begins to talk to an imaginary friend. Ryan continues to play around with the camera and then decides to check out the old tapes that were found with it. At the same time the power in the house briefly goes out. Ryan becomes preoccupied with the tapes and the camera, starting to see and hear strange things.

    Ryan and Mike start to research the area and discover that their new house was built when the original one burned down.

    A Rising Damp: Fourteen Tales of Thirteen Covens, Book 1 (Unabridged)

    The family who lived there were never accounted for, including two daughters Katie and Kristi. We then hear half of a conversation as Leila talks to it. Things escalate when the family bring a priest to the house who warns them that there might be a demonic presence following Leila. He goes to see her and attempts to anoint her with holy water but she then attacks him. Further exploration of the tapes shows a tape from a few days before this family moved in and it turns out that their realtor was named Katie and the realty company has no record of having an employee by that name working for them.

    Further research digs up that Leila and Hunter Rey share the same birthday no, really and that his aunt Katie is wanted for the murder of several people and the kidnapping of Hunter. Leila walks down the tunnel and disappears then suddenly comes back. The frantic parents pack up their things and take Leila out of the house, only for Leila to miraculously appear back in her bedroom. Emily finds herself in the house that had burned down in , where Dennis and Julie lived with Katie and Kristi.

    The camera is dropped and we see a figure with grimy legs and feet approach Emily and kill her, before taking Leila by the hand and leading her away. So is there anything we missed? Anything you interpret differently? Would you actually pay to see another movie in this series?

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    • Is it a surprise that Ghost Dimension did by far the worst box office out of the whole series? Tell us below! The Marked Ones was one of my favorites. I think this is the most detailed overview I have ever read! Thanks Martin. If you think about it, it was always the kids wanting to do it the most too. Maybe Toby commanded them to play it to induce more fear, causing him to get stronger. What for? Does the demon get them pregnant?

      Is this when their memories are wiped? I loved your sum up of all the movies. It was nice to sit down and read everything out in order. The loose ends that you mentioned are mine. She was one of the major characters I was rooting for in the 2nd one. The House fire, grandma lois dying? Because honestly the Ghost Dimension i was extremely sadden and shouted no in the theater as the father was killed because I was rooting for that family.

      Just not have them on a big adventure and end up being part of the ghost dimension where we never saw them and are killed and the movie changed or added anything but more question.

      Paranormal Activity: the Whole Series Explained

      Sorta like SAW 4. I always pictured her story being about her documenting her search for Katie and Hunter and wanting to rescue her little brother. Clearly she learned more about The Midwives between 2 and Marked Ones but she seemed so uninterested considering what happened to her family! You and Hayden should just direct the next Paranormal Activity??

      A Rising Damp: (Thirteen Covens) (Fourteen Tales of Thirteen Covens Book 1)
      A Rising Damp: (Thirteen Covens) (Fourteen Tales of Thirteen Covens Book 1)
      A Rising Damp: (Thirteen Covens) (Fourteen Tales of Thirteen Covens Book 1)
      A Rising Damp: (Thirteen Covens) (Fourteen Tales of Thirteen Covens Book 1)
      A Rising Damp: (Thirteen Covens) (Fourteen Tales of Thirteen Covens Book 1)

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